What exactly is it?


Do these expressions sound familiar? What a coincidence. What are the chances of that happening? I was just thinking of you? It was meant to be.

Most of us at one time or another has experienced an event that seemed to occur beyond pure chance. I hold the belief that there are no accidents. As a result, I am highly observant of the synchronous moments in my life and use my intuition and imagination to read the world at a symbolic level.

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19 comments on “Synchronicity

  1. There are many examples of synchronous moments; large and small. They all count. Here is an example. My daughter who lives far away called to ask for the Blond Brownie recipe. I was in the middle of making brownies for a pot luck so the recipe was sitting on the counter so I did not have to search for it.


  2. Synchronicity is when 2 events happen at the same time. For the purpose of mindful moments that also seem synchronous I stretch the meaning to encompass those moments or signs that occur beyond chance in a way that is meaningful to you.
    Another example:
    This morning the number 552 was the number of e-mails sitting on my computer when I turned on the computer. The number 552 has been coming up often this week. 552 Is the number of the address where I lived growing up. According to Doreen Virtue in Angel numbers it says, “Trust that your life is getting better, because it is.”
    To gain the most guidance possible from a synchronous moment let your imagination and intuition run wild to make connections. In a way it is like saying, “What does this dream mean to you. How is it helpful to you?


  3. Hope your arm is feeling better. I was cleaning out my adult son’s closet (I don’t think he is coming back 🙂 ) to make room for friends that have come to visit and I found a 3-ring binder book that I had gotten for him and my daughter when they went to college: “Where’s Mom Now That I Need Her?: Surviving Away from Home.” I had just watched your video before I cleaned the closet. It made me laugh out loud. But I was also dismayed that my son felt he didn’t need to take it with him!!


  4. He may not have taken the binder but I know he knows where you are when he needs you. You are a great mom and he is so lucky to have you. Don’t you wish that your mom could be there for you the same way you are there for your children?


  5. I have a print of a child sitting in a field. There are hidden pictures everywhere and it is called Through Jacob’s eyes. I placed it underneath glass on an end table so people could look for all the hidden creatures and objects. Today I had my carpet cleaned. The man cleaning the carpet asked where I got the print. Then he said, “That is my son!” I got it the Mac Arthur Art Fair. Jacob was there with his mom and I got to meet him. I asked him to sign the picture. In the print he is a toddler. The boy who signed his own likeness was about 8.


  6. Today (1-9-13 I had to go to the oral surgeon. I usually carry my Kindle, but for some reason, today I grabbed an orb book. I started to check in with the receptionist and she saw the orb book. She and her sisters who live elsewhere, love orbs and have tons of pictures. Within seconds we were deep in conversation and have made arrangements to discuss this mutual interest further. A fellow orbie who lives just 5 minutes away! (This is an example of how a synchronous moment can lead you to someone you are to meet or a message you are to hear. It is also about following, in this case, my intuition, to take an orb book to the dentist’s office. In fact, I don’t think I have ever taken an orb book out of my house.


  7. My mother passed away in 1997, but odd things constantly happen to remind me she is still a part of my life and her grandchildren’s lives. Here’s an example: My mother played the daily lotto. Every day she played the same number 930, the month and day of her birth. That lottery number was drawn on the day her grandson Ryan was married! I told Ryan about it later, and said grandma was sending him her blessings. I truly believe our loved ones show their presence with little signs, and it is up to us to open our eyes and recognize their love coming through.


  8. Cosmic Coincidence?
    I heard this phrase used today on one of the newscasts, Cosmic Coincidence. You know me and synchronicities. What are the odds?

    They were talking about the meteorite that streaked across Russia and injured over 900 people last night. Then, even though they say it is unrelated, a meteor passes closest to earth today a little after 1:00 central time. It was closer to earth than our satellites. I heard this one they had been tracking and there was no danger of it hitting earth or hitting satellites. This was not the case in Russia who sustained hundreds of injuries.

    Can’t help thinking what are the chances of 2 big cosmic events?


  9. Jean let me tell you that it was a real pleasure to met you, great time and conversation, now I would like to comment on the subject of your blog, of course right from the beginning I told you that I didn’t believe in coincidence, right, well is true for my life,”things happen for a reason, and if they haven happen yet, put attention, it will happen soon” , this is what I think, and like yesterday you and I have so much in common, what we have experienced, the way we are, even in personal life as our daughter’s name, “Danielle” and our own birthday month and astrological sign “march – Pisces”, is almost unbelievable now I wonder Jean, what would be in your opinion the meaning of all these “COINCIDENCES” ?


  10. Thank you for commenting. Isn’t it funny how longed we talked and the last think we learned was about our daughters. I love all the knowledge you have to share. We have much in common. I usually end up feeling “it was meant to be”


  11. The Path to the Missing Key
    A friend called me about an hour ago to tell me she couldn’t find the keys to her son’s house. She said she and her husband looked and looked for it. They knew I had a key and wondered if she could come by and borrow it in order to have a new key made.

    I said that was fine. About 20 minutes later she was at the door. I said I was glad she remembered how to get here.

    “Luckily,” she said, “I had the directions.”

    Too me that was pretty obscure to have directions to my house from over a year ago. I asked her where she kept them. She then told me she was looking for the key this morning. She looked in an old purse and did not find the key but the directions to my house were there.

    I don’t think it was an accident that she found the directions to my house before she even thought of calling me.


  12. Today is August 11, 2013. My daughter and son-in-law are visiting. Yesterday they went to the fair.
    Today Dani wanted to visit the cemetery in Taylorville where the Ferratier family is laid to rest. While there, as we traveled from one relative to another, we wound up at the headstones of the great-grandparents. As we talked, the conversation drifted to the Dani’s father’s siblings. We remembered that the first born child had been buried at the great grandparent’s grave. She had only lived 4 days. There was no stone or marker and we were not sure of the child’s name. Dani remembered the child died soon after the grandmother.
    We got back in the car, and Craig was able to Google the site that revealed the death certificate. We found out the name of the first name of the child and date of death.
    She died on August 11, 1942.
    As Dani said, “Of all of the days of the year, how interesting is it, that we visit the area of the unmarked first child on the anniversary of her death. It is quite a synchronicity.
    On the way back we started asking all sort of questions about this child. We wondered what happened to the child. Did she ever leave the hospital? Unfortunately there is no one to ask to find the answer to these questions. It is a shame we don’t know the questions to ask when the people who have the answers are not here to answer them.


    hummm… don’t know exactly where to begin— so I’d ask this–have you ever had a day of serendipity and such synchronicity that you do a triple take? Okay I know some of you have. Well today was one of those days started from a phone call with a dear friend who supported me and recommended I see someone they’ve know for over 30 years to help with some health challenges… then I embarked on my errands for the day banking, DMV, healthy food shopping etc. I met some of the most Cheerful Incredible people for the first time– the banker noticed we had the same birthdays shy of 1 day apart and he moved to Sedona 17 years ago— offered me help in getting familiar with the area the sweetest guy. then unto to DMV – very pleasant lady welcomed me to the State and she also relocated now both people said the same exact words to me ” you are gonna love it here it’s home.”– in my heart I know that and for it to come from total strangers… Oh well.!! Then to crown the day off while food shopping I look around and noticed someone that looked familiar and as looked closer I knew him — dear friends of mine Cheryl and Luke Levine from British Columbia– just got to Sedona to spend time we all dropped our stuff and enjoyed a hugging feast– I have not seen them in over 2 yrs. How Wild to meet up here!!! Then the icing on the cake — Met Doreen Virtue by default while picking up my soup at the counter a lady next to me called her name and introduced herself as Dr. Jill , I had no idea I was standing right next to Doreen —- WOW!! Now Dr. Jill and I shared a heart moment and folks must thought we were crazy… here’s to my new friend…long story by so much for a Magical Day a wonderful Delight shed on my week!~ Step OUT and Create the Days you Desire and can Imagine!!! Thanks for taking the time to read. All my Love ….


  14. Thank you so much for sharing Shaun. Isn’t it great when you see so many synchronous moments stack up. So much is about awareness and building the vibration to even create more synchronous moments. I can’t even imagine running into Doreen Virtue. Sure sounds like you gots lots of confirmation on being in Sedona!


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