When Orbs Don’t Show Right Away

I take pictures looking for orbs on a regular basis. My best communication takes place for me in the morning. People sometimes tell me that orbs don’t appear for them. I mention they don’t always show up for me right away. I truly believe they are there. In that case I put the camera down for a bit and go about other activities. Usually after 10-30 minutes I will try again. Often, new pictures will reveal activity. It is important to ask to see them and to thank them for showing. Below are pictures and video taken on March 30, 2014. I hope this is help to those of you learning to take orb pictures. More pictures may be found on FB Orbs Everywhere and Orbs       Are Every Where. DSCN62043-31-14


Feel the Movement-Hair

When I went to get my hair trimmed today I had no idea I would be walking out with a new hairstyle AND highlights.

New Hair Cut 3-15-14

I am very slow to change so the result of this day is surprising to me. I believe part of the ease that I came upon today was the result of a group call I had with my fellow coaching friends. We are all certified for small group training through the Christian Pankhurst Heart Intelligence Academy.

When we begin our calls we take turns telling each other what we are feeling in that very precise present moment. One of the members talked about feeling the sense of excitement in her body. The type of feeling like I want to play! I want adventure!

As we explored her feelings, the clarity came to the conclusion of saying “yes” to new experience and even ways to encourage fun into any situation. For example we talked about how fun it would be to try on hats and try on a piece of clothing in a color never worn before. My friend expanded into the desire to express this sense of joy felt inwardly in an outwordly physical way. She decided to buy a hulu hoop. By doing so she has a way to actually physicalize her feeling. It becomes an anchor and action and not just a thought or feeling.

One of the amazing benefits during our calls is that by truly listening to others there are observations we take away with us. Sometimes we are very conscious of some clarity we see in our own lives as a result of the discussions. Sometimes a seed of desire is planted that may not even have been consciously thought or felt of before.

For me, I guess that small seed that was planted was the desire for change and movement. In this case I choose look at the word movement symbolically.

I usually take months to follow through with a new hairstyle. If it is a big change; people notice when long hair is shorter or a color is different. I am not always ready to be noticed. Thanks to picking up my buddy’s enthusiasm it hit me that I wanted to say, “yes” to change also. I wanted to say yes, I can cut my hair and feel the excitement of the new and express to the world , “See, you might have not have noticed, but inwardly I am feeling different.”

Once my hair was cut I immediately felt a weight being lifted. My hair was not pulling me down in a stagnant position. When I move my head, my hair moves easily. I feel air on my neck. I love swinging my hair back and forth just to feel the ease of movement and not the constriction of a pony tail. Symbolically is about not being confined.

Thank you to my coaching buddies. Thanks for helping  me notice that the excitement you are feeling for adventure and freedom of expression I see and feel in you; I also see and feel in me.

Is it Dust or is it an Orb?


When discussing orbs, I often hear comments from skeptics such as, “There is dust on the camera,” or “that is a reflection.”

The other morning I was in an area that I often take orb pictures. I usually take pictures before I go to work and it is usually dark. On this particular day, I was not working and the sun was streaming through the window.

I was shaking a piece of clothing before placing it on a hangar. I saw dust floating in the sunlight. I decided it was a perfect time to experiment. I wanted to take a picture of what I knew was definitely dust.

The above picture shows a combination of dust and orbs. The little scattered white spots are dust. On the right is a beautiful colorful orb. The orb is distinctive by the basic orb properties. It is round with a defined rim. Orbs come in many colors and shapes. A classic orb is white or filled with color and has a pattern within. There is also another small orb to the left that is deeper blue.

People around the world are photographing and sharing orb pictures. It is a fascinating subject of inquiry. I leave the interpretation of orbs to the individual. I am always curious to learn more about orbs and this is one of my most recent experiments to differentiate whether the spot on my picture is dust or an orb.

Not a New Year’s Resolution: A Challenge

So often New Year’s is a marker for “bringing in the new.” It is a time to start fresh with intentions and resolutions. They are made in good faith and strong resolve.

Upon reflection of 2013; were you successful? Are you filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment?

I don’t know if I had any specific resolutions last year but over all I can thumb through my calendar and see on these dates I went out of my comfort zone and attended this event. I attended this retreat, I visited relatives, I had fun at this dance, etc. I also saw times of disappointment in myself such as I could have gone but I didn’t. I could have been more active but I wasn’t. I planned to write on this particular day off but instead I posted pictures on the computer.

Consequently, this year I have had an AhHah insight. I decided not to make a resolution or intention but a challenge for myself. This came about as I was approached with the opportunity to participate in a 30 day blog challenge starting Jan. 1st. I signed up thinking that this will keep me on track and keep me writing and in contact with others. There is so much I want to share.

THEN the second, third, and other realistic thoughts came in. Not fear or sabotage presented, but intuition and the question, “Do I really want to do this? Do I really want to add stress and pressure to a schedule where I know I will be away for one week, working extra one week, and beginning the next phase of Present Moment Heart Centered Coaching.”

As I result I have modified the invitation to work for me. I have decided to accept one challenge that allows to me achieve success and pride. It is a stretch but doable. It will take commitment and discipline. I have decided to write one blog a week.

The challenge goes deeper than what appears on the surface. To me it is about focus and follow-through of doing something I love. That is to learn, share, and pass on what moves me and hopefully will be of interest to others by means of writing that has the ability to reach an audience. I care about people and hope there will be comments, discussion, and reflection posted in response. This is all about communication.

So this is my challenge. Do you plan to create a challenge for yourself? Challenge requires action rather than thought and intention. I wish us all well.

Please feel post a challenge you have made below. Feel free to check in time to time to let us know how it goes. Happy New Year! May it unfold for you with many blessings.

Special and Thoughtful Gifts for those with Dementia

Thanksgiving is right around corner. You know what happens the day after that; the biggest shopping day of the year. I put this article on my blog last year but I thought it might be helpful to post it again.

Special and Thoughtful Gifts for those with Dementia

The other day in the State Journal Register, I read an article about holiday shopping when someone on your list suffers from memory loss. The article was written by Renee Lepham Collins and I thought it might be very helpful to pass on some of the information.

Myndi Milliken, director of a long-term care facility made some of the following suggestions. My mother had memory loss and I know the following would have been very helpful to her. (and to my peace of mind)

  • For those who still drive, program a GPS with destinations like home, grocery store, mall, and doctor’s offices.
  • Cellphones that have pre-programmed and even voice command phone numbers.
  • Give a new calendar with pertinent dates such as birthdays and appointments.
  • Start a photo album or work on a scrapbook together. Label pictures with names, why and where they were taken, and most important the feeling of the event. (I especially like this one as it something you do together and continually add to the album. Thinking of this as a craft activity can make it a more joyful activity for everyone involved. I bet others would go through this kind of album if left out on a coffee table. (This just occurred to me; maybe family members could each make a scrapbook page of themselves that is labeled to contribute thus bringing in more attention and involvement of the family in a positive manner.)

If you have any other ideas that you think might be helpful please add them to the comments area.

What Did My Dream Mean?

I awoke with from one of the scariest dreams I had ever had! Never had I encountered a dream that held one of my worst fears; loss of memory.

I am so fortunate to live a life of synchronous moments. Later that day I attended a dance meditation class and ran into my friend Virginia, who recently blogged that she does dream interpretation.  During break I asked if I could set up an appointment. She said, “Tell me the dream now.”

It turns out the symbols in my dream were not scary but really great! The dream revealed a message about a trip I had been planning and answered a question I had been contemplating about an educational opportunity.

How many times have you had dreams and wondered, “What the heck does this mean?” Below is information about Virginia and how she can help all of us sort out the symbols and messages that come unbidden, but so importantly to us in our sleep and sometimes in our daydreams.

Virginia Carlson created Deciphering Dreams to assist others in aligning the dream world with every day experiences. Dreams are a form of language that is not only unique to each of us, but also intimate. We all have choice in declining or accepting information in our dreams and determining how to utilize this information. The pathways into a deeper understanding of the self opens when the dreamer brings awareness to the dream scape where hidden desires unfold. Dream interpretation helps all of us to comprehend the message waiting to be revealed in vivid dreams from childhood, recurring dreams, and nightmares. By exploring dream time symbols, we not only discover our personal issues, but thoughts from the Universal Collective as well.

Virginia Carlson has been aware of the messages in dreams since childhood.   As a mother of four, combined with her education in Psychology and Sociology she has a solid foundation for understanding creativity of the mind. As a professional in-home counselor for individuals, families, and young children, she has been provided with a broad spectrum of hands on experience. Her passion for helping others coupled with her unique approach, have attracted the enthusiasm and support of local and distant communities. She is a Master level energy worker, prolific writer, and seasoned presenter.

Deciphering Dreams with Virginia Carlson explores day dreams; waking dreams; recurring dreams; prophetic dreams; past life recollections; universal symbols; and dreams appearing to be positively silly and preposterous. She uses her intuition as well as established public research to assist in understanding the entire spectrum of dreams. By using dream time language, desires or repressions come to the surface.  Dream interpretation is about the dreamer, based on the dreamer’s own experiences, and uniquely linking the dreamer’s body, mind and spirit.

Unraveling a dream with Virginia Carlson is a fun and exciting experience. A simple technique to unlock the dreams of the dreamer is shared with each participant through the interpretation process.

To schedule an appointment or for further information, please email contact information: decipheringdreams@yahoo.com    Additional work by Virginia Carlson may be viewed at virginiasvoice.blogspot.com.


See Physical Manifestation of My High Energy

Have you ever had days or maybe just moments that you feel great? Have you ever felt that vibration running through you as though all is well and you are aligned within your body, mind, and spirit?

This morning I could actually feel the energy coursing through me. I took some pictures with bursts of orbs that I posted on FB https://www.facebook.com/pages/Orbs-Everywhere/172964446067873

I then grabbed my phone and started videotaping and narrating what I was feeling in the place where I feel the strongest communication with orb beings. I consider them to be energetic manifestations of angels, spirit guides, and perhaps  even energy from me.

It gives me great pleasure to share my videos with you. I hope you enjoy them. If you do please feel free to like and subscribe on You Tube under Jean Ferratier. That way my passion to share this beautiful phenomenon can reach a wider audience of others who might find a deeper awareness within themselves and their universe.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/InGL0-pEeig?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

How To Take An Orb Picture

Below is a video about How to Take An Orb Picture. While, I have many other videos on You Tube and Vimeo, this is the first of a possible series. There is a heading of Orbs listed on this website guiding you to where more information can be found. If you enjoy the video please press like and subscribe. Please feel free to leave comments as that might guide information for the next video.

I Was So Touched by the Love in this Video

I was so touched by the love in this video. I find it interesting that I use the word touch, but with a different meaning, as this is the content of this video.

I just finished a Christian Pankhurst Heart Centered Life Coaching program certification. We talked about being seen, heard, and felt. This video taps into a deep place in me of longing to love so unconditionally. I  feel the depth of caring between the two women. I want to be able to see and feel the spirit inside of others; especially the ones whom are often so isolated.

The other reason I am so touched emotionally by this video, is that my mother had Alzheimer’s. In the Book, Chicken Soup for the Soul Think Positive, I wrote a story called “Childhood Delights.” In the story, I mention that my most treasured moment was when she was nonverbal, but when I took her to band concert, she could sing the words to every song from the big band era.

I wonder about your reaction to this video that appeared on The Godvine video site. Although the song that is sung is relgious, any song that is meaningful to someone, could possibly bring out a response. I invite you to leave a coment if this video touched you as it me.

“Girl Born With No Eyes or Nose Receives A Miracle”

“I don’t need it easy-I just need it possible.” I want to share this inspirational video about Cassidy Hooper that touched my heart. This is a quote I want to internalize.