What exactly are they? 

Around the world, there is a growing network of individuals who are reporting circles and spheres of light called orbs on their photographs. Once considered the odd picture in the set, orbs are showing up frequently enough to cause considerable exploration, speculation, awe, and excitement.

While many are forming their own interpretations, there is a general consensus that the energetic appearance of orbs provide tangible grounds to consider that the world is more wondrous than we can possibly imagine.


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3 comments on “Orbs

  1. Jean, when you see multi-orbs in a photo, chances are it is due to dust particles on the camera lens or water marks. It is difficult to determine which orbs are ‘authentic’…however the experts say that authentic orbs have a glow around them, and/or they are different colors, and some have markings on them (similar to a coin). I have even seen orbs with faces in them! If you want more information, please visit my blog and look up the article on ‘Orbs: the Good, the Bad, and the Nasty’.


    • Orbs are very interesting and it is like an age old question of what is an orb and what is not. I believe that many orbs have a glow or circle around them, sometimes a nucleus, and patterns insides. I also believe certain orbs have interesting properieties. For example it is interesting to pick out orbs when it is raining. I am glad for your comments and I would like to visit your blog. I love discussions about orbs. That is how we share and learn.


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