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Living with Alzheimer'sChicken Soup for the Soul: Living with Alzheimer’s & Other Dementias: 101 Stories of Caregiving, Coping, and Compassion

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia? You are not alone. With 101 encouraging and inspiring stories by others like you, this book is a source of support and encouragement throughout your care-giving journey. My story, “Shopping for Nursing Homes,” is on page 111.

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Voluntering and Giving Back CoverChicken Soup for the Soul: Volunteering & Giving Back: 101 Inspiring Stories of Purpose and Passion

One person can make a significant difference in the lives of others. This collection of 101 inspiring stories celebrates volunteers and those who give back, and also shows how the biggest beneficiaries are the givers themselves. My story is called “Kindergarten Grandma,” and can be found on page 310.

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Diana Cooper CoverTrue Angel Stories: 777 Messages of Hope and Inspiration by Diana Cooper

In this book of true angel stories, Diana Cooper and others share their personal experiences of the angelic powers. Exercises and visualization will help open you up to the wonders of the angelic realms. Every page is full of reminders about how the angels can transform your life. My story, “Orbs of Healing and Protection,” can be found on page 282.

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Book-AloneChicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Positive

This book will inspire readers with its 101 success stories about the power of a positive attitude. Contributors share how they changed their lives, solved problems, or overcame challenges through a positive attitude, counting their blessings, or other epiphanies, motivating and uplifting readers. Be sure o read my chapter “Unity in Goodbye” on page 201.

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binderlayingopenSymbolic Signs

Consciously or unconsciously we all want to learn about ourselves. Symbolic Signs will help you create your personal toolkit that will empower you to recognize the guidance that is all around you. Like a sacred road map, you can learn to recognize symbolic signs and messages that will connect your inner world to your outer one. As a result, you will begin to see that every choice you make matters to you personally and to those around you. We are all connected I want to help you develop a variety of ways to connect the dots or events that make up your life and appreciate how they ripple like waves in the water to others.

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chicken-soup-for-the-soul-family-caregiversChicken Soup for the Soul: Family Caregivers

Do you have a family member who requires constant care? You are not alone. This collection offers support and encouragement in its 101 stories for family caregivers of all ages, including the “sandwich” generation caring for a family member while raising their children. With stories by those on the receiving end of the care too. These stories of love, sacrifice, and lessons will inspire and uplift family members making sacrifices to make sure their loved ones are well cared for, whether in their own homes or elsewhere. Be sure to read my chapter “Dry Her Tears” on page 112!

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Cchicken soup for the soul think positivehicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive!

Every cloud has a silver lining. And the stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive will encourage readers to stay positive, because there is always a bright side. This book continues Chicken Soup for the Soul’s focus on inspiration and hope, reminding us that each day holds something to be thankful for. Be sure to read my chapter “Childhood Delights” on page 112!

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CSS_Raising_Kids_on_the_Spectrum ArtChicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum

With its 101 stories from other parents and experts, this book will comfort, encourage, and uplift parents of children with autism and Asperger’s. If you are the parent of a child – from newborn to college age – with autism or Asperger’s, you will find support, advice, and insight in these 101 stories from other parents and experts. Stories cover everything from the serious side and the challenges, to the lighter side and the positives, of having a special child on the autism spectrum. My story is called Let Me Tell You About Jake found on page 221.

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