Orbs in the the Rain


As an avid orb photographer, there is always a camera within my hands reach. I love to take pictures under a variety of occasions, places, circumstances, and in nature. I am always curious and constantly experimenting to see what I may see when I download (upload?) my pictures. Technology is not my strong suit and so I am delighted to get my pictures from the camera to the computer. Then with luck they can be posted on Face Book, You Tube, Pinterest, or other social media.

This particular orb picture was taken during a very heavy thunder storm. I love taking pictures in the rain. The results are amazing and provide a very good opportunity for examination of orbs, elementals, rain, and whatever just appears in the picture.

Some of the things I view in this picture are rain drops, orbs, elementals, and other things that I don’t classify at all. I find it interesting to see two well-defined orbs of different hues of blue. I am not sure what to call the image to the right of the bottom orb. These elementals (for lack of a better word) often appear side by side. On the picture they appear for the most part to be very small. When zoomed in however, they are extraordinary beautiful in their makeup and colors.

Really looking at pictures taken in the rain is very time consuming. First I look at the over-all picture and then start to zoom into small sections. I love what is revealed. Although I don’t interpret for others what my impressions might be, I feel safe in saying that orb pictures are a tangible way of seeing other things around us. To me orbs in nature often make me think of protection especially when I see them around anything physical such as a car, house, flower, tree, etc.



See Physical Manifestation of My High Energy

Have you ever had days or maybe just moments that you feel great? Have you ever felt that vibration running through you as though all is well and you are aligned within your body, mind, and spirit?

This morning I could actually feel the energy coursing through me. I took some pictures with bursts of orbs that I posted on FB https://www.facebook.com/pages/Orbs-Everywhere/172964446067873

I then grabbed my phone and started videotaping and narrating what I was feeling in the place where I feel the strongest communication with orb beings. I consider them to be energetic manifestations of angels, spirit guides, and perhaps  even energy from me.

It gives me great pleasure to share my videos with you. I hope you enjoy them. If you do please feel free to like and subscribe on You Tube under Jean Ferratier. That way my passion to share this beautiful phenomenon can reach a wider audience of others who might find a deeper awareness within themselves and their universe.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/InGL0-pEeig?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

12-12-12 Word-sound Vibration on Flying Orb Activity

This is the most meaniful orb video I have done to date. I hadn’t planned it this way but I started repeating several words over and over. The ones that brought strongest activity were joy, connection, bliss. I know it is long but I hope you watch and enjoy and comment about this. Thanks

It is best to watch it in full screen view.

Successful Hints for Orb photography during the holidays

Picture taken in front of the Illinois State Capitol Building in Springfield

Orbs, (Spirit guides and Angels) love to celebrate holidays with you. 
If you would like to hear a 2-3 minute talk about how to successfully take orb pictures during this special time, go to http://www.myaudiowebsite.com/?site=orbs Click on audio clips and scroll down to find Holiday Hints for Orb Photography.
 In this audio, I give you some hints about how you might add to your holiday memories this season. There is in an introduction on the first page and then you can go right into the recording. I hope you have a very happy and healthy holiday season. 
*The most important suggestion is keep your camera close by for plenty of candid pictures. Also try taking pictures of anything and everything. Have fun and experiment.

Jean Rubnitz Ferratier